• Company Profile

  • SMS Streamer, Inc is an enterprise grade cloud based mobile solutions company registered in the State of Delaware. The company headquarter is in Iselin, NJ with additional operations in Cambridge, MA and Cape Town, South Africa. Our technology makes it possible for hundreds of millions of mobile phones to engage in advanced transactions, regardless of whether they support apps or operate on 4G networks.

    Our technology enables and manages services such as Mobile Payments, Mobile Healthcare, Mobile Utilities, Mobile Content alerts and Mobile RMA as well as other custom value added time or location sensitive information made possible by the increasing prevalence of Smart Phones.

    SMS Streamer’s proprietary low cost and low friction entry point solutions will help your organization leverage the immense opportunities of the most innovative medium of our time to increase your ROI and extend your reach in the marketplace. In short, SMS Streamer literally puts your services directly into the pockets of consumers. SMS Streamer, Inc. is connected to most major global cellular carriers.